In recent years the popularity of Japanese sushi in the United States has undergone an astonishing surge. The demands on the Japanese restaurant industry for the highest quality fish product are being consistently met by the people of Los Angeles Fish Company.

The traditional presentation of sushi is both elegant in its simplicity and exquisite in taste. The most important consideration is, of course, the quality of fish. There is no room for anything less than the finest. Absolute freshness is fundamental to the enjoyment of sushi.

Los Angeles Fish Company supplies over 500 Japanese restaurants with the freshest and finest fish available from all over the world.  Over 200 varieties from fresh maguro to exotic uni are constantly being sourced and packed for expedient transport.  We receive regular fresh overnight shipments from Japan so we can always meet the industry demand for quality and variety.

We, at Los Angeles Fish Company are proud of the relationships that have developed over the years with our suppliers and with our customers. We appreciate the tremendous support we have received and we pledge to maintain our focus onquality and our dedication to personal service.

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